Let's make it work, baby!

Let's make it work, baby!

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You're eight months pregnant and you're struggling to make it through the working day. Or you've just returned to work after maternity leave and you're finding it difficult to keep it together. Maybe you've requested flexible working arrangements so you can do the childcare pick-up, and your boss doesn't understand her obligations. Maybe you're planning for your second child and you want things to go more smoothly this time around. 

This book provides a reassuring, practical and compassionate guide to dealing with the challenges parents face in juggling work and family, and highlights the stories of Australian parents making it work. 

Workplace relations specialist and mum Catherine Brooks helps working parents to better understand the joys of flexible work, the options available when it comes to working flexibly, and strategies you can use to negotiate better outcomes for your family and your unique circumstances. 

Drawing on the real-life stories of parents who work in a variety of ways, Catherine hones in on the practicalities and realities of what it takes to achieve a truly flexible life.